Praise for Fay Wray and Robert Riskin: A Hollywood Memoir

“Victoria Riskin brings a graceful touch and a fluid writing style to one of the great real-life Hollywood love stories in this warm, evocative and deeply moving tale.”

- Kenneth Turan, film critic, Los Angeles Times

“If this gracefully–written memoir was simply the rich and absorbing account of two unique and talented people who fell in love, that would be enough. But it is also a study of the creative process; a colorful account of Hollywood’s Golden age; a telling slice of American history; and a deeply moving testament to a daughter’s love. An altogether wonderful book.”

- Richard North Patterson, novelist

“Anyone who thinks that Fay Wray was just the girl screaming in King Kong’s hand as he climbs the Empire State Building is in for a big—and pleasant—surprise. Her daughter Victoria Riskin has written a fascinating, richly detailed and superbly illustrated account of the lives of two remarkable people, Fay Wray and star screenwriter Robert Riskin, that spans one of the most interesting periods of Hollywood from the advent of the talkies through the depression and the war and on through the time of the Hollywood blacklist.”

– Michael Korda, author of Charmed Lives

“I was always curious about life in Hollywood before I came here. I found out in this fascinating book. And wow! What a story it is!”

- Kirk Douglas, actor

“Victoria Riskin’s memoir of her extraordinary parents, actress Fay Wray and screenwriter Robert Riskin, is a joy to read…a Hollywood memoir of rare depth and sensitivity. All will be captivated by this splendid dual biography of two of Hollywood’s most fascinating and enduringly important and colorful personalities.”

- Joseph McBride, author of Frank Capra: The Catastrophe of Success

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